Small Business and Core Customers

Mike Grill // July 13, 2017

SEO, SEM, marketing, Google Analytics, and all of the data that comes along with all of this are really an effort to get to know your customers. Your small business offers a service that certain sections of the population want or need, but identifying those sections is crucial to success. Not every business has a sales person that could sell refrigerators igloo-to-igloo, but not every business needs that. With all of the data that is available at your fingertips simply by having a website, you can start to focus in on your core customers in an effort to serve them better and grow your business.


Core Customers: the Heart and Soul of Small Business

In February, Grovemade CEO Ken Tomita gave an excellent presentation at the GRAYBOX offices about figuring out who exactly their core customer was and is. They did hours and hours of research, reached out to thousands of people via email and social media, and asked hundreds of thousands of questions while engaging the full spectrum of their customer base. This all culminated in a road trip to visit a few of his most engaged customers in order to learn about them individually.


This wasn’t all about a road trip, or even really about visiting these customers, rather it was about finding the center or base of Grovemade’s base so that they could feel comfortable pivoting, changing, growing, and moving without losing or alienating their core customer. Ken knows that these are the customers whose lifestyle aligns with Grovemade’s ideals and because of that, it has become much easier to expand their customer base.


The Repeat Customer

It really doesn’t matter what kind of small business you run, the repeat customer is the best sign you have of health. A restaurant or bar lives has locals, a landscaping company has long term relationships with the homes they service, even a web platform company like Businesstastic has a support team to make sure that all of our customers are happy and their websites are running well. While the means of most every business, especially small businesses, is profit, no one can get there without customers.


Customers, as it turns out, are also people. This can get a little lost in all of the data, but every single customer is a person; every visitor to your site*; every transaction; every drink or meal served, lawn mowed, site built, you name it, is done for a human being. With this in mind, every business is in the service industry as you are providing a service for the humans that choose you. The repeat customer, the local, the person who walks through your door or calls you, who you know by name is truly to customer who you fear losing. So you cater to them, you get to know them better, you make them feel more welcome, and most importantly, you continuously look for ways to serve them better.


A Web Platform For Humans, by Humans

We understand this relationship at Businesstastic. We love watching people succeed and we love helping them to that success. It’s why we include support in our packages, it’s why we work our hardest to offer a personalized experience, and it is why we push ourselves to develop things that our customers need. We are in each relationship for the long haul of each of our customers.


So give us a call, or contact us, and let’s talk about how we can help you and your small business succeed.


*yes there are bots that hit websites, but we tune those out as soon as we add a site to our Google Analytics account.

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