Mike Grill // October 11, 2017

Ideally, you want to target the clients that will bring you the most income. There is a common theme that you don’t want more than 25% of your income to come from one client, and that ensures that if anything happens to one of your clients, your whole company does not falter or fail. However, […]

Mike Grill // October 6, 2017

There was once a pizza shop owner who refused to sell beer despite employees showing him the numbers: the return on his investment in a fridge, CO2, and kegs. The restaurant wasn’t in the best location; it would get transients from time to time and finding needles in the trash or bathroom wasn’t unheard of. […]

Mike Grill // October 4, 2017

While you might be thinking that you need to stay on top of the latest industry trends, technology, and advancements, your customers aren’t thinking about those things at all. Certainly, you should stay abreast of trends and whatever else is new out there in your industry, but that doesn’t mean implementing things immediately.   Your […]

Mike Grill // September 28, 2017

While you might be thinking, “I just started my business, why would I think about leaving it or selling it?” having an end game plan helps you align your business goals to doing what you want to do with your business. Do you want to simply close up shop, and move on? Are you planning […]


Mike Grill // September 27, 2017

A business plan is much more than an arduous document you put together if you are looking for investors. It helps set a clear path for you and your company going forward, establishes financial and growth goals, and makes your business strategy transparent. While it might be nice to finish your business plan and put […]

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