News Roundup

Mike Grill // July 14, 2017

This week has seen some pretty awesome news stories – from the futuristic to the bizarre – but we wanted to share a few of our favorites.


Overwatch is an Awesome Game

A favorite game of the folks in our office, Overwatch, came out last spring. This story from Wired is both touching and touches on how amazing it is when a brand or business identifies with it’s customers. Turns out, one of their heros is autistic, which only came to light after an autistic young man wrote in to Blizzard.


The Future of Transportation

Hyperloop, the vacuum sealed tube and sled combo that is possibly set to revolutionize transportation had its first successful test. As far as watching a metal sled move down a tube with little to no reference points, it makes for some pretty cool watching.


ThyssenKrupp just released footage of their Multi elevator, an omni directional elevator that is set to revolutionize not just up and down travel in buildings, but horizontal travel, too! Seriously, though elevators are a pretty restrictive part of any building and Multi would give architects the ability to not have to plan for a main elevator shaft that runs up the middle of a skyscraper. Wild!


Net Neutrality

As we mentioned earlier this week, Wednesday was the Day of Action for anyone looking to protest the end of net neutrality. The major tech sites like Wired and The Verge have been releasing excellent stories regarding what net neutrality means and what it entails for small businesses and big businesses.



This was too funny not to share: yesterday, a truck carrying hagfish – slime eels- set for consumption in South Korea overturned on US 101 in Oregon and created a nasty, slimey mess. To make matters worse, hagfish secrete more slime when they are stressed, and when you add water to the slime, it expands! Good thing it isn’t set to rain for a while.

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