Crawl, Walk, Run: Small Business Growth

Mike Grill // August 30, 2017

Small business development can be tough. It can take patience, discipline, and faith. But all of these can pay off massively. Knowing your small business better than anyone and building on your success are some of the best ways to create a viable company. If you try to grow too fast, or get into unfamiliar waters, or pigeon hole your company, those can be costly mistakes.



Bootstrapping is a common term for doing things yourself. As a small business owner, you may have expected to most things on your own, or maybe you have the income or capacity to hire someone to help. The important thing is that you build a solid base that your company can grow on. You don’t build a house without a strong foundation. Organic SEO might be a large time commitment, but it is a solid foundation for a webiste. Likewise, a small business that does not try to overreach itself might not be the most exciting thing in the world, but the stability it offers you and your (future) employees is incalculable.



When it comes time to expand your business, take on some new clients or customers, and hire employees, the ground work that you have already done can pay off in droves. If you have centered your business around a goal or principle, it makes it that much easier to communicate to people what your purpose is. Employees know and understand what they are working towards and who they are working for. Clients understand what they are getting and who they are about to be in business with.


Hire only based on what you need. Hiring is a bit like living within your means: you can’t spend what you don’t have. Likewise, you don’t want to hire someone based on potential work (no matter how certain things might appear). There are contractors, consultants, and freelancers in abundance who you can use in the short term while you grow your business enough to hire someone full-time.



With a solid base and a solid staff that is all rowing in the same direction, your business can take off. You may see this in terms of more customers or clients, traffic to your website, orders, or your phone ringing off the hook with leads. When you create an excellent company or product, people want to do business with you. Your stability helps anyone you do business with feel that much better about doing business with you.

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